Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Which Our Heroine Reveals the True Mind of God
Turns out, much to W's claims to the contrary, that God is a Democrat. Whew, I hear you say. Finally? After all this time? I mean, we all knew God favoured giving food to the poor, taking care of the sick and elderly and stuff like that which the Democrats do so much better than the Republicans, but still the R's like to at least claim that God is on their side for so much more. Stuff like invading Iraq, the death penalty (claiming a high ground of smoting), the abortion debate, etc. The Democrats, being a bit less evangelical or fundamental in their convictions, tend not to claim the moral high ground. Which personally, I think puts them in better stead on the commandment that tells them not to take the name of God in vain, but I digress.

It is ok that I digress because at long last God has come out on the side of the Dems. It was easy to figure this out, in part because God was frankly provoked. Focus on the Family took time away from focusing on their families to exhort their followers to pray for rain to fall on Obama during his speech at Mile High stadium to accept the Democratic nomination. Now, frankly folks, this was just unwise. God hates it when you treat him like your personal fate dispenser or get the order wrong and think that God is at your mercy instead of the other way around. And any reading of the Old Testament will show you that when God gets annoyed, vengence is coming. So not only did it not rain on Obama, but instead, just to show how bad the Republicans are in a crisis or handling the weather, and enable the entire nation to witness the one thing that everyone agreed was a total fiasco (as opposed to Iraq. Whatever happened to those pro war protesters ? Anyone heard from them lately?), there is a hurricane that is predicted to land on or near New Orleans right during the Republican convention. They've already started evacuating - see here. McCain and Palin are all set to have to be called on as to what their response would be and they better be ready.

Of course, they're going to have to answer other questions as well. For starters, is Sarah Palin really the best choice to be a 72 year old's heartbeat away from the Presidency? Indeed, it strikes me as interesting that if the point was to appease the "liberal" wing of the Republican party, you know, the people who actually voted for McCain over all the others to give him the nomination in the first place, how ticked are these people going to be if something happens to him and she's suddenly in charge? She's not the values they wanted and voted for. Lieberman? Sure. But Rove vetoed that. Which is another poor move. With Rove's fingerprints all over the W presidency, letting Rove put his fingerprints on the campaign at this stage is just a poor strategy move. As I've said before, the biggest indictment of the current administration is that no one from it even hit the primaries. They just didn't run. Mostly because they knew that with W's rock bottom approval ratings, they didn't stand the proverbial snowball's chance in Hurricane Gustav. And even the conservative wings of the party, even if they didn't want to vote for McCain, weren't exactly going to defect to the Obama camp come election day. Coulter may have threatened to vote for Hilary when McCain got the nom, but you sure haven't heard her make the same promise about Obama.

Still, the mud machines are going to work overtime in this election. It has already started even against Palin - see here. As much as I think she's the best possible choice for the Democratic party, I feel for the poor woman. She's got a lot that's about to go wrong for her. And if she's not careful, the McCain loss will be blamed entirely on her.

Or, of course, Hurricane Gustav.