Thursday, October 21, 2004

In Which Our Heroine Attends a Beautiful Event

Well, I went to Canada. It was fun! I even handled the flight up there and back well, which for me is a miracle and a half. I handled the flight up there by being too stressed to have to worry about the plane crashing. This sort of thing will happen when a girl doesn't book her flights by herself. When instead someone books them for her online, I offer this top tip: review your flight plans closely. Not because there might be an error, but rather because it helps to know the difference between what time you land and what time you're going to take off. You guessed it. I made all my plans (including, eek, my packing plans) around taking off at 3:30. So I planned to be at the airport at 2. Of course, it turned out that my flight left at 2. Quickly, reconfigure everything. Then reconfigure again as this reconfiguring meant that instead of Bill taking me to the airport, I was going to have to take mass transit. Not a problem in and of itself, but it means less time. Your final calculations will reveal that you have forty minutes to pack, take a shower and leave the house. Time to get a move on.

It was later revealed that it was a miracle that I got there at all, since of course I left my travel wallet behind.

Friday, October 15, 2004

In Which Our Heroine Makes a New Start
Well, with my having returned from the great gay Canadian Operatic Wedding complete with featured show tune by the happy couple, you no doubt want to hear all about that. And I'll get to it, but I'm in the process of a whole new start on things. New job, details on new place to live, all sorts of the new, some of which I have been forbidden to blog about (a statement which my stupid mind then begins to categorize - have I been restricted via trade secret or a covenant not to compete? Does it matter? I'm still forbidden either way.) The lesson learned from that is don't agree to anything while you're still dazed and sleepy, as you'll agree to things that maybe you shouldn't. Never mind, i have agreed, and I will stick to both the letter and the spirit of the agreement. But first I've got to figure out the new job. Why didn't they give me a phone?