Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In Which Our Heroine Gets Around to Updating her Blog
Where does the time go, eh? The issue about not updating is pretty simple. I don't have net access at home yet, and the Blogger is off limits at work. So, there you go. I'm not dead, I'm actually very happy, and life continues on.

There's a lot to recap. In no particular order there was
deportation and readmittance to the UK with a five year work visa
some exams
figuring out how to import the cat (this is in process)
being rotavated at church (suddenly, I'm all having to do readings and the like. I don't mind, but this is rather new.)
Getting my bike down here
Back injury and rehab
Organic lamb dinner parties
Acquisition of a sofa
Acquisition of another sofa
Making friends and influencing people

And so on. If I'd blogged about it regularly, this would be easy, but since I haven't I'm just going to pick up from right now. If you want to know about anything else. you'll just have to e-mail me.

Saturday night I went to my friend Helen's party. The theme was "Toffs and Chavs". I don't own a lot of clothes here, and not wanting to spend a lot of money, I was wandering down the High Street trying to figure out how to pull this off. When everyone went by, I was struck by inspiration. Football fans are tres chav. (I've also figured out that my ex boyfriend is mega chav, since he lives in Dagenham, was raised in Essex and Liverpool, and well, that dress sense baby but I digress). So I went into M&S (which is not a chav shop, but if I was going to get a shirt I wanted something I could wear again anyway), bought a nice red football shirt, got some face paint from Woolworths and then went home to chav myself up. I painted a very cute flag on my face (if I do say so myself) and then some crosses on my toenails with Tippex (like White Out). And then shimmied out to the car and climbed in, only to have my friend Clare say

"Why do you have the Danish flag painted on your face?"

Yes, sports fans, it is true. Cross of St George, white with red cross. Danish flag, red with white cross. Not my finest hour of being a foreigner abroad. I am American. Popular vote decided to find it charming.

The next day I was watching World Championship series rowing on BBC 2 (I love a country which takes rowing seriously), and Denmark was doing very well in one race. I put my toes up on the coffee table to let them cheer.

Turns out Tippex is next to impossible to get off of toenails.