Thursday, November 04, 2004

In Which Our Heroine Gets a Wee Bit Antagonistic

We all know (or at least I know, and if you're a faithful reader, you know as well) that there's someone who has yet to ID himself to me down at the Department of Justice who checks in and reads this blog every week. This happens whether I write something on it or not.

This, obviously, concerns me. Mostly because I consider the DOJ under Ashcroft to have been filled with facsist weenies. And also because I think the DOJ under Gonzalez is going to make me nostalgic for the Ashcroft days. How scary is that?

Want to know what happens when this sort of power isn't checked?

This is what happens.

To all you at the DOJ fighting the fight for civil liberties, my hat's off to all seven of you. To the rest of you out there denigrating what America ought to be, you're getting your wish, and I'm leaving the country again for a while. End of Feb, for at least six months. Of course, I'll still be posting here, so you can

xxoo Anne
The Day After
I've said it before, I'll no doubt say it again. I hate George W. Bush. I can't believe people voted for him. Don't these people like having jobs, or health insurance, or a country without a massive deficit, or civil rights? Or do they really like sending their sons off to war, terrorist attacks (didn't anyone else find it weird that the only president to suffer foreign terrorist attacks on US soil claimed he was the best guy to fight it?), the cronyism of Haliburton and the simple fact that the abortion rate under Bush has actually risen?

I e-mailed most of my foreign male friends this morning and proposed marriage. I'm awaiting the answers. Of course the new boyfriend still has an Argentinian passport, so that could be the answer. Time to flee, peeps.
Yours under threat here in America.